Our Italian Honeymoon

Woweee looking back on these images its hard to believe this trip really happened.  What a dream.  Here’s just a super basic itinerary of our trip:  We flew in and out of Milan and traveled within the northwestern region of Italy throughout our time there.  We stayed two nights at each place, in this order (and in the order of the images) – Lake Como (Varenna), Neive (Lenghe), Cinque Terre (Monterosso al Mare), and we finished up with a couple nights in Milano.

Our favorite of the four places we stayed, though all of them we would go to again, was Lake Como.  It was just dreamy… The views were breathtaking (it’s a lake in the middle of the mountains) and the food was exquisite everywhere we went.  It has the same waterside feel as Cinque Terre but it was so much more rural feeling and less touristy.  A lot of the great shots of the mountainside were taken from a ferry we took from town to town.  The time of year we went (last week of October) was the BEST because the weather was great for walking around all day.  Not too hot, not too cold.. But best of all was it’s the end of the tourist season so things had really slowed down.  Since everyone was back in school, there were WAY less crowds than normal.  (Which we know from talking to the locals.)  In fact, at the beginning of November, most places shut down for good until around March – this is mostly applying to Lake Como and Cinque Terre.

We used one of Rick Steve’s books for Milan and Lake Como, and just did our own research for the wine country and Cinque Terre.  You’ll see that when we were in Neive we got to go on a tour of an underground wine cellar named Contratto – incredibly fascinating.  They produce sparkling wine and vermouth.  The sparkling wine takes a whopping five years to make from start to finish!!!  And yes, at the end we got to taste test – and to both Zach and my surprise, we both loved the vermouth the best!  We bought a bottle of it and just shared it with my family over the holidays.

There are stories from every city I could write about but I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves for now.  :) If you’re going to Italy, or anywhere in Europe to be sure, I HIGHLY recommend buying a Rick Steves book first.  Some of our favorite spots would have never been found without his guidance.  He’s just the best!


I hope you enjoy these photos, it is such a treat to share them with you.  Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite, I’d love to hear your input!!:)

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