The YouTube Video that Changed My Life

College can be a really hard time for people – it’s the years you’re faced with a lot of possibilities and a lot of temptation and you’re forced to grow up and make decisions that’ll impact the rest of your life.
A TON of pressure, amiright??
Which is in fact the perfect time to seek the Lord and depend on his guidance. Something I unfortunately didn’t do until about my junior year.
Before then, the one thing I really cared about was guys and relationships. It’s like I had this overarching brain mode titled “MUST FIND THE PERFECT MAN” that was on ALL the time. I barely had a relationship with Jesus at all and that was very obvious to anyone who was paying attention. I thought the key to finding true fulfillment was finding the right guy for me.. Little did I know I was ripping my own heart apart as I tore through relationships while looking in all the wrong places.
One day I watched a YouTube video that changed my life. It was a slam poetry performance (a secret love of mine) by a woman talking about why she was waiting for “The one.”  I had to watch it several times to really understand everything she was saying (this gal is QUICK) and then I just kept watching it.. Over and over.  What she was saying at the beginning of the video was exactly how I was living my life.  “Waiting” was a word that I hated.. I was impatient and yearning to find a love that would mend my heart.
Through a number of other circumstances, I decided waiting was exactly what I needed to do.  I decided to commit to a year of not dating anyone while I tried to build the one relationship that truly mattered – with the Lord.  I started studying the Bible with the help of friends I had made in an on-campus ministry.  Pulling truth and wisdom from the Word was hard to do by myself at first, so when I needed encouragement to stick to the commitment I made, I watched the video.  I didn’t even know a lot of the Biblical references she makes (I actually didn’t know some of them WERE Biblical references) and when I would study the Bible and read Scripture that Janette directly quotes in the poem, I would gasp and do a little dance in whatever seat I was sitting in.  Slowly I learned that no relationship will ever satisfy like the relationship we can have with Christ.  No man can offer me what God offers, and no one will love me fully like he does.  I fell in love with Jesus, and then I was able to truly fall in love with someone else.
For a whole year I watched that video and prayed for my future husband, and continued to pray the next few years after that, even as I was dating Zach.  God is so sweet and so good to have brought us together!
He is more than I could have ever asked for or imagined and he is God’s best for me – what an incredible thought.
To all my single friends – I want to encourage you to WAIT and pray for your future husband and not settle and give your heart away to anyone who happens to be available; particularly if whoever is available is not walking in the same direction as you spiritually. The point is to fall in love with Jesus FIRST because He is indeed “the greatest love story ever told.”
“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23
Ok enough from me! Click here to watch the video!!
Here’s a photo of my very attractive husband on our honeymoon.. Photos from which I will be blogging soon!


What do you think about this video??  Let me know if this was encouraging for you!
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