Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

The truth is, I have an insatiable love for clean lines and beautiful architecture.

Which is why this Biltmore Ballroom wedding has been one of my favorite I’ve photographed to date – and I wanted to share it with you.

Why do I love it so much, you ask?

I’ll start with the obvious: a venue like this just stands out.  Living in Georgia means you see a lot of fields, and a lot of barns.  And while I do love a good field and barns can be gorgeous – to me there is just nothing that can top a stunning venue like the Biltmore Ballrooms.  It puts your wedding in a whole new category of class and prestige.  And because the window light of a huge building like this creates STUNNING images.

Something you might not have known about me – my mom is an interior designer.  She started her own firm called Corporate Studio – which is a huge credit to why I was so empowered to start my own business – and it’s also a huge reason I drool over iconic architecture and design.  Growing up listening to your parents comment on the design of most buildings and restaurants you walk into leaves an impression, I guess.  So I get REALLY fired up about places like The Biltmore.  Places that make you tilt your head back in awe as your jaw hangs open a little bit.. before snapping back to reality from your daze.  Places that are so original and classic that you have to stop and think about what the creative mastermind behind such brilliance must have been like.

Not to mention… What place could possibly make you feel MORE like a princess bride than a BALLROOM as grande as this?!

And so, I am madly in love with the images that came from Matt and Elisa’s wedding day.  Yes, because the setting makes up so much of the outcome of your images, and because this setting freaking rocks.  But also because these people are INSPIRING.  When booking me, Elisa let me know all about her love of photography and how much she trusted me and my creativity.  One of my favorite photos is the one of them through a glass window with part of the Atlanta skyline in the background.  We got that shot because Matt and Elisa trusted me to take a little venture across the street and into a parking garage stairwell, which is where that image was taken. Um.. YES?!?!  Oh, and this reception RULED – people went gaga for their stunna shade party favors.. An idea that I had to steal for my own wedding!!  Ahh.  I just loved every part of this day.

I’ll end with this: I love The Biltmore.  But I love my freaking AMAZING clients even more.


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Comment below and tell me what YOU love about this wedding or The Biltmore Ballrooms!!!

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