JT & Lauren | Rock Hill, SC Wedding

You know it’s going to be a good day when both the bride AND groom text you at 8am on their wedding day telling you they can’t wait for you to be there.  And the bride wears blue suede shoes.:) JT and Lauren are the sweetest pair!  And their families were both so warm and inviting.  Zach and I felt so loved and appreciated and I can’t tell you how much more amazing it makes a wedding day!!!  We were sad to leave honestly!  Their bridal party was so much fun and I actually cried watching them sing over JT and Lauren during the ceremony.  The girls made Lauren a scrapbook and surprised her with it just before the ceremony which was such a thoughtful gift, I absolutely loved it!  Another sentimental detail was JT’s grandmother’s ring tied to Lauren’s bouquet.

Other things to note: When JT saw Lauren during their first look, he gasped and then RAN to her and it was the most precious thing. They rocked their couples portraits!!! Also, Lauren’s family made ALL the cupcakes and OMG THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS.  I could have eaten them all but I restrained myself to two.  Also, please don’t miss the tear running down JT’s face in the black and white image of him dancing with his mother.  I’m amazed I was able to get my shots in focus when I was tearing up so much myself!!!

JT and Lauren, WE LOVE YOU!  Thank you so much for having us on your beautiful day.  Y’all are so laid back and kind and you are a joy to serve.  We hope you’ve had the most amazing honeymoon and we’re praying for you as you begin your marriage!

With love,

Mac and Zach

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